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Classic Sports Plane Styling for Hours of Fun
With the Hana, 456MB gives you a classically styled hobby aircraft in Ready To Fly (RTF) form! The Hana features a wide wingspan with gently upturned winglets for maximum control in the air. These aerodynamic features help make the Hana a fun plane to fly really fast, allowing you to replicate the quick pylon racers that many people call the most dangerous sport in the world! Classic Plane Design The Hana uses the classic low-wing design style that everyone associates with fast performance aircraft. With a 3-wheel undercarriage that includes a tail wheel, the Hana can be hand-launched, or it can even taxi and take off from a runway, just like a real plane! Wide Wingspan for Easy Flight The foam main wing of the Hana allows you to glide gracefully and easily even in light winds or low speeds. The wing features gently curved winglets for easy learning and full flight control. Ready-To-Fly Electronics Whether this is your first RC aircraft or just the latest addition to your hangar, you'll have a fun and easy time getting airborne with 456MB! 456MB RTF kits have all of the electronics are pre-installed in the fuselage, so you don't have to spend any time getting things ready. Complete printed instructions show you exactly what you need to do to get going, plus a professionally produced instruction DVD with step-by-step assembly instructions is provided in every 456MB box. Every 456MB RTF plane includes the complete aircraft kit plus a multi-channel radio transmitter, crystal set, rechargeable plane battery, battery charger, electronic speed controller, motor and tuned propeller. The charger can't be easier to use - simply plug it into your car accessory power socket, attach the battery and press the 'start' button! It will fast-charge any 300-450mAh battery of Ni-Cad or NiMH construction. With all 456MB RTF plane kits you get an advanced 4-channel radio transmitter which goes beyond the 2- or 3-channel radios you get from other starter RC aircraft. This allows you to get used to the habits and controls that will allow you to fly expert-level aircraft with ease as you grow in flying experience. You can also use the radio with other model aircraft very easily. With 456MB, you get the total package to advance your flying skills! Easy to Use Charger and Battery The charger included with the Hana couldn't be easier to use - simply plug it into your car's accessory power socket, plug in the nickel-metal hydride plane battery and press the 'start' button. The charger will automatically charge the battery to the correct voltage and within 45 minutes you're ready for flight! The charger will fast-charge any 600-900mAh battery of Ni-Cad or NiMH construction, and even uses peak detection circuitry to find the right time to stop charging and protect the battery pack. You can also use the charger at home with a 12-volt power supply, available at any hobby shop.
Hana Models
  • HB54001 Hana RTF (includes fuselage, main wing, elevator, propeller, motor installed, speed controller installed, micro servos installed, 4-channel radio, battery for plane, battery charger, printed instructions, 456MB training DVD)
  • Type of plane: Hobby Flyer
  • Pilot Level: Advanced
  • Fuselage material: Injection-Moulded Plastic
  • Wing material: Foam
  • Speed control: standard, included
  • Motor: standard 380-size, included
  • Battery: NiMH 8.4v 600mAh
  • Charger: 12v DC Rapid Charger (car adapter)
  • Radio: 4-channel, 35mHz
  • Type of tail section: Conventional, T-Shape
What You Need
  • 8 AA batteries

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