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#67775 - PNEU HB FULLSLOT (2P/Rouge/4wd Avant/1/10 Buggy)

HB 1/10 Scale Racing Buggy Tire

The Hot Bodies 1/10th scale off-road tyre range includes a selection of front 4WD buggy tyres designed for ultimate performance!

These tyres are designed to perform on a wide range of tracks, from hard-packed dirt to loose and dusty surfaces, even grass or damp dirt.

The HB Fullslot tyre features a pattern of extra-wide treads plus mini-pins for ideal traction on a high-bite surfaces, from grippy blue-groove to super-sticky black groove, plus other surfaces. The full-circle side lug on both sides provides extra cornering traction exactly where you need it and helps stabilize the tyre when you're pushing to the max! The treads provide maximum traction even until they are completely worn away, so these tyres will last an incredibly long time.

#67964 HB FULLSLOT TIRE (2pcs/Pink/4wd Front/ 1/10 Buggy)
#67775 HB FULLSLOT TIRE (2pcs/Red/4wd Front/ 1/10 Buggy)
#67782 HB FULLSLOT TIRE (2pcs/White/4wd Front/ 1/10 Buggy)

HB tyre compounds:
Pink compound is extra-soft for maximum traction at the cost of tread life.
Red compound is soft for racing or low-traction surfaces.
White compound is medium, great for practice and all-around use.
Blue compound is firm for high-bite tracks.

Please note: foam inserts not included.

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