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#66817LW - Moore-Speed Type B-C (190mm) Lightweight

Moore-Speed Type B-C (190mm) Lightweight. Includes window masks, decals

The newest selection of Moore-speed bodyshells includes the Type B-C, designed for aggressive steering and high top speeds, as well as stability in the turns.

The Type B-C features a large front splitter for strong steering characteristics, flared wheel wells for increased tyre clearance and a unique rear wing and wing mount for extra strength, straight-line stability and downforce. High door sills and a new-design rear bumper provide protection from impacts and reduce the need for marshals to repair the bodywork.

The low-profile bonnet and one-of-a-kind roof channels increase airflow over the rear deck and wing for extra confidence in the turns and increased speeds.

This body meets the IFMAR Global Body Spec (GBS) rules, so is legal in all touring car competitions.

Moore-speed bodyshells include clear overspray film and convenient window mask plus a decal sheet featuring unique grilles, headlight and tail light details. The Type 09x is also available in a standard weight version for extra strength.

#66817 Moore-speed Type B-C Bodyshell (190mm)
#66817LW Moore-speed Type B-C Lightweight Bodyshell (190mm)

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