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#108605 - 2e Pignon 23D


Fine tune your gearing to the track with this wide range of gearing options

1st Gear Pinion: #108599 - 1ST PINION GEAR 15T #108600 - 1ST PINION GEAR 16T (Standard) #108601 - 1ST PINION GEAR 17T 2nd Gear Pinion: #108602 - 2ND PINION GEAR 20T #108603 - 2ND PINION GEAR 21T (Standard) #108604 - 2ND PINION GEAR 22T #108605 - 2ND PINION GEAR 23T 1st Gear Spur: #108614 - 1ST SPUR GEAR 58T #108615 - 1ST SPUR GEAR 59T (Standard) #108616 - 1ST SPUR GEAR 60T 2nd Gear Spur: #108617 - 2ND SPUR GEAR 53T #108618 - 2ND SPUR GEAR 54T (Standard) #108619 - 2ND SPUR GEAR 55T

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