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#108329 - PNEU RODEOO GOMME XS COLLE (185x60mm/2p.)

SUPER 5SC FLUX/super souple/pour jantes a coller.


The Rodeoo tyres are designed for all-around performance specifically for the 5T and 5SC. Scaled up from our proven 1/10 scale short course tread, the Rodeoo is ready to bring your 5T and 5SC to a new level in performance. Racers know tires are the single best upgrade you can buy for your truck and these are the best tires available. Good for use on a wide variety of surfaces but best suited for track performance.

This new version of the Rodeoo tyre is designed specifically for the Super 5SC Flux. It differs from the standard Rodeoo by requiring to be super glued instead of utilising a Bead-Lock to hold it in place. The 'Glue-Lock' design results in a lighter overall weight in keeping with the light weight of the Super 5SC Flux. Must be used with Glue-Lock Wheels, see below for details: Glue-Lock Tyres:

  • #106898 - RODEOO GLUE-LOCK TIRE S COMPOUND (185x60mm/2pcs)
  • #108329 - RODEOO GLUE-LOCK TIRE XS COMPOUND (185x60mm/2pcs)
Glue-Lock Wheels
  • #106896 - TR-10 GLUE-LOCK WHEEL BLACK (120x60mm/2pcs)
  • #108321 - TR-10 GLUE-LOCK WHEEL MATTE CHROME (120x60mm/2pcs)
  • #108323 - TR-10 GLUE-LOCK WHEEL GUNMETAL (120x60mm/2pcs)

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