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The engine that took Atsushi Hara to his second 1/8th buggy Worlds podium (and nearly won him two consecutive World titles!) is going to be available from HB as a special Atsushi Hara Edition HB .21 race engine. This engine will be the exact same spec as the engine he used at the 2010 Worlds in Thailand, and will be available for YOUR D8 or other racing buggy or truggy!


  • Pro racing engine
  • Exact spec as used by Hara at 2010 Worlds
  • Vice-World Champion
  • Race legal 3.5cc capacity
  • Type 21J slide carburetor (wider range of needle adjustment, easy setup)
  • Lightened & laser-etched Hara Edition cooling head
  • Perfect fit for your D8 Atsushi Hara Edition or any top-spec racing buggy
  • Hara Edition black reducer (6mm)
  • Hara Edition DLC coated lightweight crankshaft (high response)
  • Steel ball bearings
  • Black crank case

Specifications Displacement: 3.49cc ( Bore: 16.27mm (0.641in.) Stroke: 16.8mm (0.661in.) Practical R.P.M: 4,000~40,000 r.p.m Power output: 2.6ps / (34,000 r.p.m) Weight: 362g (12.760z.)

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