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#102777 - SERVO HPI SF-50 (PIGNON METAL/12kg-cm6.0V)

Servo couple fort/connecteur Futaba J/pignon de sortie metal

Standard Parts

This high torque SF-50 Servo is a direct replacement for the SF-5 servo found on HPI trucks and buggies. High torque and a tough metal output gear give it the strength needed for applications like the steering of the Savage XL and Vorza Flux.

If you're looking for more torque, the SF-50 is an easy bolt-in upgrade for the HPI SF-1, SF-10, SF-2, SF-20 servos. It's the ideal option to replace the steering servo in any monster truck, 4WD buggy or the throttle/brake servo in the Baja buggies and trucks! Specs: 6.0V 0.18sec/60 12kg/cm Futaba J Connector Metal Output Gear

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