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Arrêté, replacement part: #115544

Take control with HPI Pro-Series Tools!

These professional quality tools feature solid aluminium construction, CNC machining, chunky handles with knurled grips at the tip end and laser-etched markings for instant size identification. The tips are factory-ground then hardened and black-coated for extra-long life and good looks, and are easily replaceable.

A full set of HPI Pro-Series Tools are available, with a complete range of hex wrenches in the most popular metric sizes for RC racers, box wrenches plus flat and Philips head screwdrivers. We've even got an extra-cool bodyshell reamer to get the perfect body mounting position on your car or truck!

Get a complete set of matching HPI Pro-Series Tools and keep them handy at all times in the ultra-cool Pro-Series Tool Pouch! It's got plenty of room for all the Pro-Series Tools, plus bodyshell scissors and even a few spare parts.

With the full set of HPI Pro-Series Tools at your side, you'll never need another tool again!

#101890 - Pro-Series Tools 1.5mm Allen Driver
#101891 - Pro-Series Tools 2.0mm Allen Driver
#101892 - Pro-Series Tools 2.5mm Allen Driver
#101893 - Pro-Series Tools 3.0mm Allen Driver
#101894 - Pro-Series Tools 5.5mm Box Wrench
#101895 - Pro-Series Tools 7.0mm Box Wrench
#101896 - Pro-Series Tools PH2 5.8mm Screwdriver
#101897 - Pro-Series Tools # 1 Flat Blade Screwdriver
#101898 - Pro-Series Tools Ultimate Tuning Screwdriver
#101899 - Pro-Series Tools 4.0mm Allen Driver
#101912 - Pro-Series Tools 5.0mm Allen Driver
#101913 - Pro-Series Tools Body Reamer
#101914 - Pro-Series Tools Pouch
#107263 - Pro-Series Tools PH1 3mm Cross Head Screwdriver

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