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Cyber 10B/aluminium usine pour plus de resistance et de longevite.


A huge selection of new option parts for the Cyber 10B are now available for racers and bashers wanting to optimize the tuning capabilities of the buggy, or make it even faster for club racers. Use this machined aluminium Center Bulkhead to strengthen the drivetrain area of the Cyber 10B right where it's needed, where the motor meets the spur gear and chassis. The center bulkhead ties the center of the chassis together, so a strong joint is necessary for letting the suspension do its job to the maximum. Anodized a bright orange, it looks great, too! Sold singly, a pair is necessary to fully equip the Cyber 10B.

Used properly and with the right skills, the Cyber 10B can put more expensive race-bred 4WD buggies in their place! And with these cool new options you can get the ideal dialled-in setup for your local track. #100877 FRONT HUB CARRIER SET (13 DEGREES) #100878 REAR HUB CARRIER SET (1 DEGREE) #100885 ALUMINIUM MOTOR MOUNT SET (ORANGE) #100886 ALUNINIUM CENTER BLUKHEAD (ORANGE) #100887 ALUMINIUM UPPER CENTER BULKHEAD (ORANGE) #100888 ADJUSTABLE SLIPPER CLUTCH SET (ORANGE) #100889 SWAY BAR SET (FRONT/REAR/CYBER10B) #100890 CENTER UNIVERSAL DRIVE SHAFT SET #102456 TITANIUM TURNBUCKLE SET (SILVER/CYBER 10B)

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