A Totally New 1/12th Circuit Car

Introducing the all-new Cyclone 12 pan car from Hot Bodies! This is an entirely new car from Hot Bodies for the indoor racing season. Featuring 100% Hot Bodies parts, the Cyclone 12 doesn't use any recycled parts from another supplier, it is completely fresh and all HB!

The all-black chassis is set off with just a few selected bits of purple anodized aluminium to give it an ultra-cool sleek racing look. The main chassis is cut from a single sheet of lightweight & stiff 2mm thick woven carbon fibre and has cut-outs for reduced weight at the front end. A wide front bumper will be supplied with the kit but is not shown inthese exclusive prototype pictures.

Front Suspension
The front suspension features 3-way adjustable reactive caster for the ultimate in modern pan car handling. Convenient clips are used to adjust the caster angle, making it quick and easy to try new suspension settings. The front wheels are held in place using metal locknuts for security and convenience.

Servo Mount
A micro-size servo is held in place with dual posts, angled for perfect steering geometry.

- unique option mount
An option for the Cyclone 12 will be the most unique servo mount ever seen on an electric car: the Cyclone Centre Servo Mount System. To prevent chassis tweak and provide absolutely equal flex left and right, the servo is mounted exactly in the middle of the chassis using the Hot Bodies Centre Servo Mount. This superb mounting system mounts the servo as low in the chassis as a standard two-piece mount, yet uses a single central mount to attach to the chassis. This gives the driver unparalleled consistency when going through turns, and a distinct advantage over any other chassis design.

Finally, a Battery Holder That Works
Securing the batteries in place is an unprecedented tool-less battery strap system that is new to any RC car of any scale. The Cyclone 12 uses battery trays and unique, never before seen hinged straps to provide you with safe and strong battery security. The strap system makes it fast and simple to take out and replace your batteries - no more messing about with sticky and messy tape, no tools to use, and best of all it's fast!

New Micro Shock Absorber
The rear suspension uses a totally new and exclusive micro shock that is designed and assembled just like a modern touring car damper - a rubber bladder fits over the top and the bottom cartridge utilises an o-ring seal. The threaded aluminium body also uses screw-on aluminium top and bottom caps to keep everything in place.

Rear Suspension
The rear suspension uses the Cyclone 12 Micro Shock Absorber combined with an adjustable fibreglass T-bar to give the Cyclone 12 unreal rear traction in the corners and off the starting line. The T-bar features 3 separate tweak screw locations for a wide range of adjustability, and two pivot mounts for secure and reliable performance. A woven graphite damper bar secures the rear body posts, battery straps and the damper pads, which control the amount pod action.

Rear Pod
In the rear, the motor pod is made up of two aluminium sides, carbon fibre bottom brace, carbon fibre damper plate and an aluminium tube. This gives you a secure, stiff and reliable rear pod for mounting the motor. The motor is easy to access and remove from the top, and the pod is large enough to easily fit any brushed or brushless motor. With a large cutout on the left side, all motors are easy to install and remove.

An option for the lower brace will be a finned black aluminium replacement to aid motor cooling and increase rigidity of the rear pod.

Rear Axle
The rear axle is also a completely new design made specifically for the Cyclone 12. It utilises a unique two-piece aluminium design that makes replacing worn or bent parts very easy. The axle is extremely lightweight due to the design of the left and rear hubs, and provides direct, efficient transfer of power to the rear wheels.

Top Performer
All of this adds up to a top performer and a totally new car that is suitable for any 1/12th scale circuit racer. Each of these details advances the technology of the field of 1/12th scale cars and gives you the advantage over any other racer!

The Cyclone 12 has already proven its speed when Andy Moore has taken home the championship trophy from the 2007 1/12th European Championships in Sweden!

Specification may be subject to change

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