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#88024 - PINION GEAR 24 TOOTH (0.6M)

E10/Not compatible with 48 and 64 pitch spur gears

Optional tuning gear for the E10. A lower tooth count on the pinion gear will give you more acceleration, while a higher tooth count will give you extra top speed. Have a selection of pinion gears available so you can tune the speed of your car as desired!

Note: not compatible with 48-pitch and 64-pitch spur gears. A full selection of 0.6M pinion gears are available to tune the gearing of your E10 for any track type: #88020 PINION GEAR 20 TOOTH (0.6M) #88021 PINION GEAR 21 TOOTH (0.6M) #88023 PINION GEAR 23 TOOTH (0.6M) #88024 PINION GEAR 24 TOOTH (0.6M) #88025 PINION GEAR 25 TOOTH (0.6M) #88026 PINION GEAR 26 TOOTH (0.6M) #88027 PINION GEAR 27 TOOTH (0.6M) #88028 PINION GEAR 28 TOOTH (0.6M) #88029 PINION GEAR 29 TOOTH (0.6M) #88030 PINION GEAR 30 TOOTH (0.6M) #88031 PINION GEAR 31 TOOTH (0.6M) #88032 PINION GEAR 32 TOOTH (0.6M) #88033 PINION GEAR 33 TOOTH (0.6M) #88034 PINION GEAR 34 TOOTH (0.6M) #88035 PINION GEAR 35 TOOTH (0.6M)

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