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#7469 - SALEEN® S7R™ BODY (200mm)

1/10Touring Car Size 200mm Saleen®, model names and vehicle designs are trademarks of MJA, Inc. used under license to HPI Inc. © MJ Acquisitions Inc. 2011. S7™, S7R™, and SR™ are trademarks of


Available soon is our newest race body for 200mm touring cars - the hot Saleen S7! This is Saleen's exclusive "race car for the street" that competes in ALMS races around the United States! Check out the awesome headlight enclosures that give it a cool 3D look and the multitude of air intakes and grilles, just like on the real thing!

\"\"\"\"Detailing HPI bodies is now easier than ever: Use the pre-cut vinyl window masking to cover the inside of the car windows. Use your favorite paints to detail the body as you wish, then peel off the outer overspray film. The molded-in body mount dimples tell you where to drill the body holes, then use the included hardware to attach the wing! Then comes the fun part - adding the decals! The pre-cut decal sheet features window borders, headlights, grilles and turn signals for realism, plus a complete set of racing decals for the "race car" look. PIRELLI and are registered trademarks of Pirelli & C. S.p.A. and used under license

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