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Tanner Stees 2nd at Toys for Tots Palm Desert RC Race

News Article Image 2014121601

Not too long ago I went to Palm Desert RC Raceway for their 10th annual Toys for Tots race.  The track was awesome as always, not too difficult but there were some areas that could bite you if you did not do it correctly.  This time the layout was a bit tight compared to other layouts that they have had.  The race also had a pretty normal schedule with practice Friday and racing on Saturday.  Practice went well I started off...Continue Reading

by Frank McKinney

JJ Wang Wins with the HB Pro 5 at MTS Shanghai

News Article Image 2014121603

The past weekend, Jang-san from Muchmore brought the Muchmore Racing Touring Series to Shanghai. But due to the fact that I have school exams this week, I did not get to run on the new layout. I got about 4 to 5 packs of battery late Friday night, and a few more in the morning of Saturday. The car was working fine; I just needed a little more track time. It was a one race so the schedule was pretty tight. Qualifying was okay for me, I finished...Continue Reading

by Frank McKinney

Tessmann and Savoya 1-2 at the RC Tracks of Las Vegas Grand Opening

News Article Image 2014120102

November 22-23rd: We headed to Las Vegas, NV to the Grand Opening race at RC Tracks of Las Vegas. They have done an amazing job with this facility, it is truly world class. Saturday was a practice day for both the 1/10 and 1/8 scale tracks, we spent the day getting a setup dialed in for the track as well as figuring out the tire choice. The layout was fast and really fun. Sunday was cold by Vegas standards and was even cold for us Canadians....Continue Reading

by Gord Tessmann

1/10th Nitro Touring Car World's Wrap-Up from Team HB

News Article Image 2014112801

The IFMAR World Championships for 1/10th Nitro Touring Car were held in Bangkok last month, and since then the entire HB on-road racing team has been hard at work at more races around the world! We were finally able to sit down with the team before they rest up during the winter, and here's what they had to say about their week in Bangkok, in their own words!   Here's what 2006 World Champion Andy Moore had to say about his week:  ThisContinue Reading

by Frank McKinney

Ty Tessmann Owns the Gunsmoke Classic Race

News Article Image 2014112501

Ty raced the Gunsmoke Classic Race at IERC Raceway Nov. 14-16, This was a very well attended race with 40+ heats which made for very long days.   Ty ran in 2WD mod and then also in the Gunslinger Dual which was 3 qualifiers in each 2wd and 4wd and then three 8 minute mains of which they took your best 2 finishes from 2wd and 4wd and combined them to get the overall winner. Ty TQ’d 2WD mod and went on to win the first 2 of the 6...Continue Reading

by Gord Tessmann

HB Pro 5: 2 in Top 10 at AOC Race with Moore & Wang

News Article Image 2014112503

The AOC Race in Japan took place from the 21st to the 23rd of November. Here is JJ Wang's race report from this event, where he finished in the A Main!  This year the final round of AOC attracted over 200 entries. I had to go to school on Thursday so I arrived in Japan late at night. Thanks to Hara-tune for picking us up. Friday was scheduled for free practice, but because of so many people, the schedule was really tight so we had limited...Continue Reading

by Frank McKinney

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