International Carpet Challenge: HPI Vintage Class!

Thu, 26th February 2015

The 2015 edition of the ICC took place this weekend in the south-east of the UK.  Organised by the well-known EWS team, the event once again featured the Vintage Challenge class, thanks to the support of HPI!

The class consisted of any Touring Car chassis, with 17.5 turn motors and HPI's range of VTA bodyshells and the Vintage slick tyre, giving realistic looking cars and fun racing.

HPI's own James Stewart was the early class of the field, as he topped the opening rounds in front of WLRC Chairman Damian Giddins.  The fight for third was between James' team mate Jason Butterfield and CPD's Chris O'Donoghue, which eventually went the way of the HPI driver.  The field slowly seemed to be closing up on James, as he was beaten in the fourth round by Damian, and the final qualifier went to Jason.

The finals saw some fantastic racing, not only entertaining the crowd but highlighting to the drivers how fun the class is.  The four lead drivers fought hard for the title, with James suffering some bad luck as his decision to run last-years tyres, rather than a new set, seemed to be catching up with him as his competitors sets were perfectly bedded-in now.  Chris took the win in the first final, ahead of Damian and James, whilst Damian lead Jason and Chris home in the second leg.  The final leg would see the title decided, and after an early race, Damian opened up a gap which was never to be challenged, leaving him to run out the winner of the leg and take the overall title.


1 (2) Damian Giddins – GB – 2 points
2 (4) Chris O'Donoghue – GB – 3 points
3 (3) Jason Butterfield – GB – 6 points
4 (1) James Stewart – GB – 6 points
5 (6) Remo Casadei – IT – 10 points
6 (8) Pierre Phaneuf – CAN – 11 points
7 (7) Lee Palmer – GB – 12 points
8 (5) Bradley Coaker – GB – 14 points
9 (10) Simon Rameswari – GB – 16 points
10 (9) Craig Fisher – GB – 18 points


The event organisers would like to sincerely thank HPI for supporting the event, along with the other sponsors, and of course all the drivers from across the UK and Europe.  We look forward to welcoming everyone back to another event soon.

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