HB HPI Challenge Series Round #4 at HPI Racing, Foothill Ranch, CA

Wed, 26th March 2014

HB HPI Challenge Series Round #4 at HPI Racing HQ, Saturday, March 22, 2014

HPI USA in Foothill Ranch, California played host to the fourth round of the 2014 HB HPI Challenge Series. This would be the second of three stops at the HPI USA headquarters this season. Racers arrived early on race day as the one month break in-between round three and four was finally over! The HPI Crew completed track preparation by 9 AM and racers eagerly hit the pavement for some practice runs. Sunny skies complemented by Southern California spring time weather treated all the racers in attendance to a day of fun competition.

Many racers took the time to stop by the HB canopy during practice to marvel at the HB R10 and TCXX on display. HPI’s Akihito Watamase was on hand to answer questions and show off the latest HB and HPI offerings. After a brief driver’s meeting, it was time for the HB HPI Concours Challenge. Jeremy Lee and his wildly detailed HB Subaru Impreza Type C body mounted on his TCXX took the win. Jeremy took home a super cool collectible Falken Tire bobblehead and pit towel for his efforts! After the Concours Challenge, it was on to two rounds of qualifying. Racers battled it out for the top spot on the grid in their respective class. The top qualifiers for Round 4 were Jeremy Dee (Electric Sport), Chin Luc (Electric Pro), Thad Garner (Electric Open and Rallycross), Todd Marshall (Nitro Sport) and Jack DeAnda (Nitro Pro).

Electric Sport was the first A-Main of the day. Top qualifier Jeremy Dee had his hands full with Chris Rodriguez, who is the current class points leader. Jeremy showed the speed to keep up with Chris, but could not hold him off for the entire six minute race. This gave Chris his fourth consecutive Electric Sport victory this season! The season-long battle for the Electric Pro title continued in Round 4. Chin Luc was able to execute a clean start and pull away from the line. Cody Secara challenged but fell behind as he and Charlie Barnes struggled with traffic. Chin Luc secured his first win of the season with his Cyclone TC. The race for points remains tight for the Electric Pro class! In Electric Open, HPI’s Thad Garner led the entire six minute main event to give the HB TCXX its third win of the series. This win would be Thad’s second of the season, finishing ahead of Mark Dawson and Chris Cabrales. The fourth A-Main of the day combined the Nitro Sport and Pro classes. It was Todd Marshall taking his third win of the season with his box-stock Nitro RS4 3. In Nitro Pro, top qualifier Jack DeAnda held off Scott Ehlert and Nestor Rinonos to take the win. The final A-Main belonged to the exciting Rallycross class. Seven Ford Fiestas lined up side by side anticipating the start tone. Mark Dawson’s WR8 Flux rocketed off the line but rolled it off the first jump allowing Thad Garner by. Thad would take his third Rallycross win of the season with Frank Liu and Mark Dawson rounding out the top three.

The HB HPI Challenge Series will be headed to Chula Vista, California for Round 5. Join us at Heritage R/C Park on Saturday, April 19. Please visit http://hpiracing.com/fi/article/view/2013121401 for rules and the schedule. Please send your questions to Joe at jmacasero@hpiracing.com


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