Andy Moore's 1/8th On-Road World's Report: Driving the HB R8!

Mon, 28th October 2013

Andy Moore recently returned from the Worlds in Japan, where he ran the HB R8 1/8th on-road race car against the world's best. Here's his report on how he and teammate Teemu Leino did!

This year the 1/8th Nitro On-Road World Championships were held just outside Tokyo in the city of Chiba, Japan. This race was the first official race for the soon to be released HB R8.

The team arrived at the track on Friday so we were able to make our final car preparations and also finish up cutting bodyshells and tyres ready for practice on Saturday and Sunday.

Unfortunately the weather wasn’t on our side and Saturday was a complete wash out. Practice got underway on Sunday and everything ran smooth for us and the new R8 felt good on track. Monday was also a practice day and we used these runs to make a few small adjustments and to tune/choose our best race engines ready for qualifying.

Qualifying started on Tuesday but with a typhoon forecast for later in the week we were to run to an adjusted schedule. As track conditions seemed to be getting progressively slower as the days passed it turned out that these first 2 qualifying rounds were the only chance to get a super fast run.

Unfortunately I had a mistake in what turned out to be the ‘rocket round’ and a couple of other small issues left me pole in the 1/8 final. Teemu ended up in the ¼ final.  But with neither of us having had a solid clean run in qualifying we were confident of bumping up.

Luck really wasn’t on my side for my final and I flamed out on the starting grid. Having to start from the pit lane I was ¾ of a lap down before I even got underway and another flame out later in my run ended my chance to bump up.

Teemu however had 2 great runs and was able to bump up into to the main final eventually finishing up 7th overall. A great finish for the debut of the new HB R8.

We'd like to thank the guys at for the use of their excellent photos from the Worlds!

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