Team HPI Subaru Update - The Final Rounds

Wed, 8th December 2004

The 8th and final round of the series saw our HPI Racing sponsored Subaru Impreza take a very impressive 2nd place finish! After battling it out in the qualifying rounds, drivers Kazuhiro Koizumi and Yasushi Kikuchi held their nerve for an overall 4th place finish in 2004 Super Taikyu Endurance Series Class 2 – well done guys! In the penultimate 7th round, the HPI Racing Impreza finished 4th during some tough rainy conditions. The Impreza demonstrated a strong performance and clocked up speeds higher than some of the rival cars in Class 1! Round six of this year’s season, a 400km race, was held at the TI Circuit Aida in the Okayama region, from September 11 to 12. Driver qualifying took place on the Saturday morning and the rain from the previous few days had cleared up so all drivers in the all-wheel-drive class cleared their standard time! Grid qualifying was held in the afternoon and the HPI sponsored Impreza came in a decent 4th! 34,300 spectators gathered on Sunday morning awaiting the 1pm start of the 109 lap race. Although the Impreza dropped a few places down to 7th by the 20th lap, some good driving meant it climbed back up the rankings to an eventual 4th place class finish and 10 more points in the bag! Race five in this years season on August 8th, 2004 took our Impreza to the Hokkaido & Tokachi speedway for the Tokachi 24 hour race. It was a hot day with temperatures reaching 86° F around noon. The Impreza had a few problems during this run. The car did have to make a pit stop due to fuel defects. The car got a break in the night when two cars had to make long pit-ins. #20 needed to get its brakes replaced while #11 lost 4th gear and had to stop for a new transmission. The Impreza took 2nd place in its class and 9th overall. We're in the fourth race of the season and our team drivers are still doing a spectacular job. This race took place on June 27th, 2004 at the CP-MINE circuit, a 500km race in 155 laps. Once again, poor weather conditions caused the race track to become wet for a short period during the race, but cleared up before it was over. The HPI Racing Subaru finished 4th place in its class and an admirable 7th place overall! Race three of the season at the Suzuka 300 circuit has brought the HPI Racing Subaru closer to victory than ever, taking an incredible 5th place overall and 2nd place in class. The fastest lap for the Subaru Impreza STi was 3:32'48.348 on lap 80. The Suzuka track was quite overcast and foggy during the preliminary race but cleared up for the finals. The second race of the season was held on April 24th, 2004 at the Sendai Highland Raceway. The HPI Racing Subaru again placed 8th overall but took an amazing 3rd place in class! The Sendai Highland track was shortened from 100 laps to 80 laps due to an overnight accumulation of snow. Round 3 will take place on May 15th, 2004. Stay tuned! In the first race of the season on March 21, 2004 at the Twin Ring Motegi circuit, the HPI Racing Subaru grabbed an impressive 8th place overall finish out of a field of 34 cars and 5th place in class. We'll be tracking the car throughout the season here on the web page, so keep an eye on our news section for the latest results and photos. A replica R/C body and decal package are in the works, stay tuned!
Race Results
Round Date Event Circuit Final Results
1 03.20-21 Motegi Super Endurance 500 Twinring Motegi 5th
2 04.24-25 Highland Super Endurance Race The Sendai Highland 3rd
3 05.15-16 Suzuka Super Endurance 300 mile Suzuka Circuit 2nd
4 06.26-27 CP-MINE 500km race CP-MINE circuit 7th
5 08.06-07 11th Tokachi 24 hour races The Tokachi speedway 2nd
6 09.11-12 TI Super Endurance Race TI circuit Aida 4th
7 10.02-03 SUGO Super Endurance Race Sport land Sugo 4th
8 11.13-14 Motegi Super Endurance Twinring Motegi 2nd
Final Result
Class 2 Series

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