2004 HPI Challenge World Finals report coming soon!

Mon, 20th September 2004

Yes, it's all over until next year! Typical English summer weather couldn't hold back the racing action, and teams from Great Britain, Germany, Austria, the United States, Hungary and France showed up to battle it out for top honours in the 2004 HPI Challenge series. Some great racing action and good sportsmanship was shown by all, and with BBC television and local newspaper coverage, we had dozens of spectators attend throughout the weekend!

We'll have a full race report available soon! Of course it will have many more pictures! Here are the winners for each class:
Electric GTi: Erwin Kruse, Germany
Electric Sport: Ricky Copsey, UK, Southend-on-Sea
Electric Pro: Daniel Fallows, UK, Staffordshire
Electric Super: Stefan Kohler, Germany
Nitro Stock: David Wright, UK, Doncaster
Nitro Modified: Jason Dean, UK, Cheshire
Super Nitro Modified: Jake Heard, UK, Cheshire
Click here for the full report, and we have video clips of all 7 class finals!!

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