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#ED010461 - Lightweight Differential Hub Set for Cyclone D4

Reduces rotating mass by 16g. (52%) (Requires 1 x HB61333 Diff Cup Joint Adapter)


Made from hard-anodized 7075-series aluminium, these lightweight and extremely durable diff outdrives will cut the weight of your Cyclone D4 where it's best to drop weight: the drivetrain. Using this front and rear reduces rotating mass by 16g (52% of standard parts). Must be used with Hot Bodies 61333 Diff Cup Joint Adapter to achieve maximum durability - the plastic dogbone pin pads take the wear and tear of suspension movement, never allowing the metal pins and outdrives to touch and rob you of efficiency.

Use with Edit #ED010471 Lightweight Slipper Hub Set for Cyclone D4 for even more drivetrain weight savings. If you use with Edit #ED050070 Titanium Diff Screw you will increase the strength of the diff as well. Using all Edit lightweight option parts reduces rotating mass by 46g (>50%).

  • 7075-series aluminium
  • CAD-engineered for extremely light weight
  • Hard-anodized for durability
  • Reduces weight by 16g (52% of standard part weight)

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