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#ED010171 - HB Lightning Series Threaded Shock Body Set (Buggy Rear) (Stadium Front & Rear)



Fine adjustments are the key to winning races. These threaded shock bodies allow you to 'dial-in' exactly the correct amount of pre-load on your spring to give you the correct ride height for your chosen terrain. These shocks are for the rear of the HB Lightning Buggy series & the complete Stadium truck range front & rear. Also available (#010161) Front Shock Body Set. Features:

  • CNC Precision Machined.
  • Hard anodised in a cool grey finish.
  • Retro-fit existing HB parts, no extras required.

PRO-TIP: You can use your old 'O' rings and circlips. But, for maximum performance, give your shocks a new lease of life - fit HBC8107-2.

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