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Improves grip, snug fit, and padded for extra protection.


Don't get burnt! Protect your fingers and knuckles while you work on your nitro truck, car or buggy with HPI Pit Gloves. Looking great and available in a range of sizes to fit everyone, HPI Pit Gloves improve your grip in treacherous conditions, provide a solid & snug fit and are padded for extra protection in critical places. Anyone who's had to deal with nitro engines, off-road buggies and trucks or other dangerous RC cars will appreciate the value of HPI Pit Gloves!

HPI Pit Gloves can be found in a wide range of sizes: #92626 HPI PIT GLOVES (BLACK/ SMALL) #92627 HPI PIT GLOVES (BLACK/MEDIUM) #92628 HPI PIT GLOVES (BLACK/LARGE) #92629 HPI PIT GLOVES (BLACK/X LARGE) #92630 HPI PIT GLOVES (BLACK/XX LARGE) Measure across your knuckles as shown in the picture below to determine the right size for you. A snug fit is best for optimum performance. Size Guide: Small - 8cm Medium - 9cm Large - 10cm X-Large - 11cm XX-Large - 12cm Get a pair today and stop worrying about your digits! Get a pair today and stop worrying about your digits!

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