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Set of 4 Universals/17mm Hex Wheel Hub/Mounted NUBZ tires & white wheels.


From HPI Racing comes our Nubz Conversion Set with 17mm UV Joints and white wheels!

This is a complete conversion set that upgrades any Savage truck to the soft and sticky Nubz tires and lightweight anodized aluminium 17mm Hex Hubs. The package includes 4 of our 17mm Hex Hub adapters, 4 UV Joints, 4 of our mounted Nubz tyres and all hardware for installation. This is the ultimate Savage upgrade for maximum traction, quicker acceleration, improved handling, added durability (excellent for high horsepower applications), and the proven efficiency of universal joints. With everything contained in one package, this conversion set is an easy and convenient way to upgrade your Savage. All parts are available separately as replacement parts.

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