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#7733 - STILETTO V12 PAINTED BODY (BLU/SIL/200mm/WB255mm)

Completely finished body for Nitro 3 (RTR 3)


New from HPI is a pre-painted and pre-cut version of the Stiletto 1/10th scale touring car body. The supercar-inspired Stiletto V12 is a design that is low and sleek, with a metallic blue and silver "dagger" paint scheme and a moulded aerodynamic wing. Highly detailed decals come pre-applied, with bold graphics and realistic lights and grills. This body is ready to go right out of the package, pre-cut with all of the holes for the body posts, fuel, cooling, antenna, glow starter and exhaust, making installation quick and simple.

Recommended for use on the HPI Nitro RS4 3 series of cars, but can be used on most 200mm touring cars with minor modifications. Also available is the clear version of this bodyshell - #7498

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