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#77141 - CLUTCH BELL 21 TOOTH (0.8M)


Descatalogado, Repuesto: #77139

Now available are a range of optional clutch bells for the Firestorm stadium truck, enabling you to tune the gearing for maximum torque or insane top speed! Featuring a tight 0.8M metric pitch for smooth engagement and a strong design, these should be standard equipment in any Firestorm racers' pit box! #77137 Clutch Bell 17 Tooth (0.8M) #77138 Clutch Bell 18 Tooth (0.8M) #77139 Clutch Bell 19 Tooth (0.8M) #77140 Clutch Bell 20 Tooth (0.8M) #77141 Clutch Bell 21 Tooth (0.8M)

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