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#66265 - LOWER ARM AND UPRIGHT SET (For Carpet)

Upgrade the Cyclone 12 to the new style front end of the 12X with this front suspension set. Features clamping lower arm to fine-tune the suspension grip on the lower ball joint. Use with #66266 Front Wheel Shaft and #66263 6.5x8.0x0.5mm Shims Also a spare for the 12X circuit racer.

To fully upgrade your Cyclone 12 to 12X spec, see the list below: #66265 LOW RIDE HEIGHT ARM AND UPRIGHT SET #66266 FRONT WHEEL SHAFT #66263 SHIM 6.5x8.0x0.5mm (5pcs) #66267 FRONT CROSS BRACE FRP #66268 ATC T-BAR MOUNT (FRONT/BLACK) #66261 CARBON REAR AXLE SHAFT #66262 CLAMP WHEEL HUB (L) #61694 RIDE HEIGHT ADJUSTER SET (0.25 PITCH)

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