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#3835 - TE37 WHEEL 26mm WHITE (0mm OFFSET)

0mm OffSet/Fit 26mm Width Touring Car Tires

HPI's TE37 Wheel design comes from the original TE37 Rays/Volk design, the top brand of high tech wheels for motor-sports and street, supplying to winning race teams in Formula 1, Formula 3000, BTCC and so forth.

So, give your car a winning look with these 26mm TE37 Wheel, moulded from durable nylon, these lightweight wheels are tough enough for racing and stylish enough to stand out in any winning line up. All standard 26mm touring car tyres will fit on these wheels.

They are available in 4 different colours and in 3 different offset sizes!

#3835 TE37 Wheel - White, 0mm
#3836 TE37 Wheel - Black, 0mm 
#3837 TE37 Wheel - Chrome, 0mm 
#3838 TE37 Wheel - Bronze, 0mm 
#3840 TE37 Wheel - White, 3mm 
#3841 TE37 Wheel - Black, 3mm 
#3842 TE37 Wheel - Chrome, 3mm 
#3843 TE37 Wheel - Bronze, 3mm 
#3845 TE37 Wheel - White, 6mm 
#3846 TE37 Wheel - Black, 6mm 
#3847 TE37 Wheel - Chrome, 6mm 
#3848 TE37 Wheel - Bronze, 6mm

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