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#102490 - HPI SF-32TT DIGITAL SERVO(HIGHTORQUE/24kg-cm 6.0V)

High Torque Servo/Titanium Gear/25 Spline


New from HPI is the high performance SF-32TT Digital Servo that is perfect for use on the steering of the Super 5SC, Savage trucks, or any other vehicle that requires an insane amount of torque. The SF-32TT Digital Servo ensures the finest and most precise movements while offering a massive 24kg-cm [333oz.-in.] of torque.

The gear train is made of machined titanium gears for extreme strength in the craziest of conditions. The digital design provides huge amounts of torque throughout the steering range for increased steering, highly precise and consistent steering response. The heat sink fins on the case keep the motor running cool when the going gets tough. This servo can also be used on truggies and monster trucks where extreme power and durability are needed. Features:

  • Digital Precision: The HPI SF-32TT Digital servo uses the latest digital technology to supply you with the most precise centering and overall performance out there
  • Titanium Gear Train: The all-metal, titanium gear train is made to handle the most extreme conditions and provide the ultimate in durability
  • Massive Torque: With 24kg-cm [333oz.-in.] of torque, the new HP SF-32TT Digital Servo will keep those wheels and tires turned in the
  • Heat Sink Case: To keep from overheating your servo, the built-in heat sinks will keep your servo running cool at all times

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