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#100473 - 1967 CHEVROLET® CORVETTE® BODY (BLUE/200mm)

Completely finished body for SPRINT 2 FLUX Corvette, the Cross Flags Emblem and the related vehicle body design(s) are General Motors Trademarks used under license to HPI, Inc.

Descatalogado, Repuesto: #17526

HPI Racing now offers a metallic blue prepainted version of the 1967 Chevrolet Corvette bodyfor the Sprint 2 Flux touring cars! The body comes expertly painted, pre-cut and decaled. It's ready to mount on your Sprint Flux touring car, a quick and easy way to completely transform the looks of the car.

This body can also be used on 190mm and 200mm touring cars when used with the extensive assortment of HPI wheels. We highly recommend our “Vintage” series of wheels and tires for this body, see our Wheels and Tyres section for our complete line-up of wheels and tires.

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