The RS4 MT carves out a completely new niche in the Off-Road market. The massive traction og the ON-Road RS4 cars is well known. So, the HPI engineers put on their thinking caps to come up with a big truck that can handle slippery terrain with ease! The RS4 MT is packed with features like an efficient dual-belt drive 4WD system, traction control clutch, maintenance-free geared diffs, high volume oil-filled coil over shocks, stick or saddle pack battery positions, a belt tensioner, polycarbonate inner body and a carbon fibre spur gear. The chassis, suspension arms and rear shock tower are all fibre-reinforced for extra durability. And the ride height is easily adjustable from on-road to off-road by moving a few screws. Off-Road jumps are really fun to take with this truck! A few Quick adjustments convert the MT to a lowered street truck with great handling.

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