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Cactus Classic Win for Team HB and Ty Tessmann!

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Team HB teammates Ty Tessmann and David Ronnefalk raced together at the recent Cactus Classic, and we've got their exclusive race reports!  Ty Tessmann's report from the Cactus Classic: This past weekend I attended the Cactus Classic in Phoenix, Arizona, this was the first year that this event was not held outdoors, it was held indoors on what I was told was a 100% clay track inside SRS Hobbytown. When we first arrived the complex was hugeContinuar leyendo

by Frank McKinney

Team HB at the TITC

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Last weekend saw the annual running of the TITC in Bangkok Thailand. With more than 300 entries this race is always one of the biggest and most important on road races for the year. Most of the drivers come to this race really early for extra testing and practice, which makes this race even more competitive. Official free practice started on Thursday morning and was run in heat order. I ran the car the same as my final practice setup from duringContinuar leyendo

by Andy Moore

Reno Savoya Takes HB to the Top in The GP Thurins

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For the 3rd consecutive year, the Storm Team from Max Marmonier did a fantastic job to organize what must be the biggest and most fun 1/10 event in France every year. The club members didn’t sleep on Friday night to build this amazing track. Permanent tracks don’t even have such an original layout! Around 130 drivers attended the event for both 2wd and 4wd. Many Hot bodies D413 drivers were among the racers, and we could see...Continuar leyendo

by Frank McKinney

DNC Race Reports Direct from Team HB!

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At the recent Dirt Nitro Challenge, Team HB drivers led the charge in all 3 of the big classes: Pro 1/8 Buggy, Pro 1/8 Truck and E-Buggy! Ty Tessman won the E-Buggy, challenged hard for the win in Pro 1/8 Truck and was leading the weay in Pro 1/8 Buggy until bad luck took away the win, but David Ronnefalk made it 2 wins out of 3 classes for Team HB by taking the late win in the Pro 1/8 Truck class! We've now got in-depth race reports from the...Continuar leyendo

by Frank McKinney

HB takes 2 out of 3 at The Dirt Nitro Challenge!

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Team HB racers David Ronnefalk and Ty Tessmann are taking trophies home from The Dirt Nitro Challenge after David and Ty have taken the first 2 positions of the 1/8 Pro Truck class and Ty dominated the 1/8 E Buggy final race! The Dirt Nitro Challenge is a huge event, with about 800 racers making the trip to Pheonix, Arizona, to compete in a huge number of off-road racing classes. From large scale to electric 1/8 buggy, racers from...Continuar leyendo

by Frank McKinney

HB PRO5 at the ETS Round 2

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Event Date: 06.-08.02.2015 Freddy Südhoff's race report: The second round of ETS was held the past weekend in Mühlheim-Kärlich, Germany. Known for the large amount of drivers during the last years, this year’s round was just a highlight of all previous ETS races. More than 400 entries were made in just three different classes. The track layout was the same like last year. Team HPI/ HB was presented by Andy Moore and...Continuar leyendo

by Andy Moore

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