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Ty Tessmann at the Battle for the Bend!

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This past weekend we attended the Battle at the Bend Race in Red Deer, AB.  This year HB/HPI generously donated a brand new D812 kit to be raffled off to raise money for the Southern Alberta Sexual Assault Support Center, which raised $1500 for the cause. HB driver Tanner Stees also attended the race with us. We arrived Friday morning in the pouring rain to a track that was flooded, so there was no practice on Friday, Saturday...Continuar leyendo

by Frank McKinney

David Ronnefalk Nearly Takes First-Ever EFRA E-Buggy Euros!

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This weekend I was at the first ever 1/8 European Championships in Fehring, Austria. Last time I was here was back in 2012 when they had both the 1/8 and 1/10 Euros. I liked the track back then and looked forward to go back again. They changed the track a little bit from then and I must say it was better before but anyway it is a good track! Friday was first day of racing and we all got three rounds of Free Practice before having two ControlledContinuar leyendo

by David Ronnefalk

Freddy Südhoff and the PRO5 at the German TC Nationals

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Last weekend was time for the German Nationals 2015. The race was held on the beautiful AMC Hamm track, better known for gas car races but after a surface change a year ago, this track suits also the electric powered cars. Due to a privat schedule I could only arrive on Friday morning, compared to the other top drivers who already used the Thursday for practice. Nice and sunny weather said the forecast for the beginning of the weekend....Continuar leyendo

by Frank McKinney

Team HB Reports from the 1/10th ROAR Nationals!

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Ty's race report:  This past weekend we attended the ROAR 1/10 offroad electric nationals held at SRS Raceway in Phoenix, Arizona. Wednesday was open practice day for everyone, this gave us lots of time to get our cars setup to where we thought we were quite competitive, the track started out very wet in the morning and their watering schedule kept their track in a damp condition though it dried somewhat throughout the day. Thursday was...Continuar leyendo

by Frank McKinney

Team HB Reports from the 1/10th Electric Off-Road European Championships

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The European Championships for 1/10th Electric Buggy (both 2WD and 4WD) were held last week in England, at Robin Hood Raceway north of Nottingham. Team HB members David Ronnefalk, a 2-time European Champion and Reno Savoya, a 3-time European Champion, were present, as were several members of the HPI/HB UK racing team.  David Ronnefalk's race report: So it was time for the European Championships in 1/10 Electric Buggy at the Robin Hood...Continuar leyendo

by David Ronnefalk

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