Support Notice: #112851 Flux EMH-3S BRUSHLESS ESC Software Update for HPI Bullet & Firestorm Flux

Thu, 28th May 2015

After driving in wet conditions such as snow and rain, you may experience no forward or reverse drive after being used then switched off. We have found that this is because the ESC has falsely entered its programming mode due to water conducting across the pins of the fan connector.

The ESC software has been updated to prevent this happening in future kit releases, however if you already have a Bullet Flux or Firestorm Flux with the Flux EMH-3S ESC, or you have the Flux EMH-3S installed in a vehicle HPI recommend that you please install new ESC software at your RC model shop or update the software at home using the #101856 Flux Reload ESC Program Box V2.

Required – Car with ESC installed, car battery, Programming Box #101856 FLUX RELOAD ESC PROGRAM BOX V2 PC with internet connection.

Procedure – Following the steps below will install or update programming box software then connect to car to update ESC software.

  1. Install HPI programming box software onto any windows PC, this can be downloaded & run from the Programming Box web page
  2. If you have existing software installed then check it is to latest version by selecting “Help” tab & “Update”.
  3. With drive pinion removed from car plug in the battery to ESC.
  4. Remove fan wire plug from ESC fan port and plug programming lead from programming box into fan port ensuring black wire is to” –“ symbol.
  5. Plug programming box into USB port of PC.
  6. Open the programming box Software on PC
  7. Switch on the ESC power switch and the ESC Speed Controller Connection Status Light in PC software will turn green & a settings menu appear.
  8. Select “Firmware Upgrade” & the existing & latest available software versions are shown.
  9. Clicking Upgrade will load software that prevents the car drive problem described above & are incorporated into versions B105 and above.
  10. Switch off ESC power switch and disconnect programming box and cables, plug in fan to ESC.

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