Welcome to the Team HB Blog!

Tue, 22nd July 2014

Hi, and welcome to the Team HB Blog! 

This is where you'll have exclusive access to race reports, setups and news from Team HB drivers from around the world. Top HB drivers will provide their insights on the races they've attended, and you'll be able to have easy, centralized access to all the information that Team HB gather at every race they attend!

From the moment Team HB hits the track, you'll get up-close and personal access to their qualifying rounds, main event races and weekend wrap-ups - direct from the racers themselves! 

You'll also be able to watch awesome race videos like this, the final lap of the ROAR Nationals Buggy A Main here!


You can also get the latest Team HB setup sheets for awesome HB race kits like the D812D413 and D8T


Learn the latest tips and tricks from Team HB drivers, like Ty Tessmann!

Check back often - Team HB race all around the world, just about every weekend, and does loads of cool stuff all the time! We'll have plenty of information, reports and setups to come! 

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