HPI Savage wins the first-ever Max Bashing 6-hr Endurance Race!

Fri, 13th August 2004

On 7 August, the Max Bashing track held its first 6 hour Endurance Race with several teams of three and four drivers participating. While the majority of RC models being used were HPI Savages, it was Team Heath's RC Models that took the win after 6 gruelling hours of dusty, rutted nitro racing!

Leading by an all-conquering 97 laps at the end, even after changing out some parts, Team Heath's RC Models consisted of:
  • Tony Gomez, Savage
  • Joe Joyce, Savage
  • Karl Dilworth, Savage
  • Phil Cracknell, Savage
Congratulations to the entire team and the folks at Heath's RC Models for the fantastic victory! We'd like to thank Heath's RC Models for the use of their photos, for more information direct from the winners, check out their website: www.heathsrcmodels.co.uk

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