Creating Fun Since 1986

Excitement is what it is all about - HPI cars and trucks are renowned for their exceptional durability and high quality, but most of all they are FUN! HPI products are enjoyed by hobbyists of all ages, from beginners to enthusiasts, with an eye for something special.

It all started in 1986: with a minimal investment and a lot of hard work Tatsuro Watanabe started Hobby Products International in Southern California. The initial product range was car accessories like graphite parts, wheels and motors. The Uno motors even won a World Championship title in 1987, proving that the company has what it takes to compete with the 'big boys'! This early success allowed HPI to grow the product range quickly and eventually release the first car kit designed by HPI, the Super F1.

This was also the time when HPI hired two of the most influential RC car designers, contributing to the outstanding creativity of HPI's current design team. From here things went fast - Major kit releases came rapidly shifting HPI's focus from being an accessories company to being one of the most prolific RC car design and manufacturing companies.

The HPI-HB racing division offers the highest level of racing products for racers looking for the ultimate performance on the track. Today, HPI's extensive product history features several category defining milestones in the RC car world:

  • The RS4 series - One of the very first electric touring car racers
  • The Nitro RS4 - Kick started the nitro touring car movement
  • The Micro RS4 - Created the 1/18th scale category
  • The Savage - Boosted the 1/8th scale monster truck hype
  • The Baja 5B - Redefined the large scale off-road category
  • HB Cyclone - IFMAR World Champion touring car (2006, Andy Moore, Italy)
  • HB D8 - IFMAR World Champion 1/8th buggy (2008, Atsushi Hara, USA)
  • The Savage XS - The fastest Mini Monster Truck in the world

HPI's success is firmly rooted in the excitement, curiosity and genuine enthusiasm for everything about radio-controlled cars. From the wheel-to-wheel action of on-road cars, to the wild acrobatics of monster trucks and the extreme size and power of large-scale off-road, HPI designers have continually led the way, forging a path for the rest of the industry to follow.

HPI is proud to offer unique, exciting and fun models that have brought thousands of people into the hobby. HPI's worldwide fan base shares the passion about their cars and the RC hobby with everybody at HPI. RC car fans can be sure that HPI is continually looking ahead to come up with the next big thing!

Thanks for choosing HPI Racing® products - have fun racing!

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