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#MV24119 - Universal Drivshafts Pr (Blackout MT)

MV24119 universal driveshafts now come as standard in the latest Blackout MT kits. Older cars can be upgraded wih these parts easily. Available for the Blackout MT are high efficiency Universal Driveshafts for extra speed and power: #MV24119 Universal Drivshafts Pr (Blackout MT) #MV24130 Centre UJ Driveshaft Fr 172mm (Blackout MT) You can also improve the durability of your Blackout MT while adding some extra style with extra-tough Maverick aluminium parts! Stylish and effective, these are a fantastic way to add some style and toughness to your Blackout MT.

#MV24120 Aluminium Servo Mounts (Blackout MT) #MV24121 Aluminium Servo Saver Set (Blackout MT) #MV24122 Aluminium Body Post (Blackout MT) #MV24123 Aluminium Front Sus.Arm Holder (Blackout MT) #MV24124 Aluminium Rear Sus.Arm Holder (Blackout MT) #MV24125 Aluminium Servo Horns (Blackout MT) #MV24126 Shock Absorber Protective Caps 4 Pcs (Blackout MT)

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