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#ED050010 - M2 Titanium Differential Screw (Pro 4 & Cyclone)



In Touring car racing the key to consistent handling and quick lap times is the action of your rear differential. For super smooth and consistent action, this component is the key. With the advent of more powerful motors and cells, durability is becoming a race deciding factor, don't let it become one for YOU!! Features:

  • Manufactured from Grade 5 Titanium (6Al4V) for ultra-reliability.
  • Super-tight tolerances for fit and concentricity for super smooth action.
  • 40% lighter than standard item.

PRO-TIP: As used by Atsushi Hara & Andy Moore at these prestigious events: (Same screw used, no need for replacing) Japan Nationals: TQ, 1st & 8th GP Carpet World Cup: 5th DHI Cup 2006: 6th TITC 2006: TQ, 2nd & 3rd

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