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Want to be part of the HB Cyclone trend? But not sure if you want to go for a high end car? Then we have the answer: the new HB Cyclone S. The 1/10th scale touring car, Cyclone S is the ultimate sport race car - with all the world class features and the proven fast chassis design of Hot Bodies' high end Cyclone competition touring car - at a fraction of the price. The Cyclone S is based around a composite tub chassis and includes carbon plastic caster blocks, front knuckle arms and rear hubs. The reinforced chassis, upper deck, middle deck, shock towers, bulkheads and pivot blocks are all made from tough high quality composite Nylon which provides a high level of durability. These injection moulded parts significantly reduce the cost, making Cyclone S more affordable for anyone who wants to get into racing and benefit from the Cyclone's best qualities including its optimal chassis layout and perfect handling. Just like the Cyclone, the combination of sophisticated chassis design together with the suspension geometry gives the Cyclone S extra traction to beat the competition. All the geometry settings like the camber, caster, toe-in, roll centre, down stops, ride height, Ackerman, bump-steer, anti dive/kick-up are fully adjustable and easy to change making the Cyclone S adaptable to every track. When you're ready to take a step up there's no need to leave your Cyclone S on the shelf and buy a racing car with higher specs, because the Cyclone S is fully compatible with all HB Cyclone option parts, including the signature parts from the #66450 Moore-Speed World Championship Edition Cyclone and #66400 Hara Edition Cyclone kits! So you'll be able to pimp your Cyclone S as you desire and keep your overall cost low! Cyclone S - championship-winning chassis design and suspension geometry at a club racer price!

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