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#108728 - HEAVY-DUTY PINION GEAR 15T (8mm BORE/1.5M)

Baja 5B FLUX


Fine-tune the speed and acceleration of the Baja 5B Flux with a selection of Heavy-Duty pinion gears. Use a larger pinion gear for higher top speeds, or use a smaller pinion gear for increased acceleration.

#108727 - HEAVY-DUTY PINION GEAR 14T (8mm BORE, MOD 1.5mm) #108728 - HEAVY-DUTY PINION GEAR 15T (8mm BORE, MOD 1.5mm) #108729 - HEAVY-DUTY PINION GEAR 16T (8mm BORE, MOD 1.5mm) #108730 - HEAVY-DUTY PINION GEAR 17T (8mm BORE, MOD 1.5mm) #108731 - HEAVY-DUTY PINION GEAR 18T (8mm BORE, MOD 1.5mm)

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The Joint Administrators act as agent of the Company without personal liability.

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