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#107188 - OUTDOOR FLAG

Outdoor flag with heavy weight base.

Increase the visibility of your shop on the high street or at fairs & festivals with this fantastic Outdoor Flag emblazoned with a huge HPI Racing logo! Fitted on a flexible, extremely tall pole, the flag has a reinforced sleeve to keep it flying proud for many years! The base has widely placed feet to keep it in place, and when used in high-wind areas you can fill the supplied weight bag with water to make sure the base doesn't move.

This flag is approximately 3 metres (9 feet) in height when assembled. Supplied with a folding metal base, carry bag and fillable water bag for extra weight. Get customers' attention with the HPI Racing Outdoor Flag! For indoor displays our #107187 ROLLER BANNER is perfect for model shops or even under tents, gazebos or canopies at outdoor events! Check out the full range of HPI promotional shop materials! #107181 HPI LOGO LARGE WINDOW STICKER #107182 HPI LOGO SMALL WINDOW STICKER- DOUBLE SIDED #107183 HPI SHELF EDGE STRIP #107184 HPI LOGO CEILING HANGER Combine with our range of updated HPI and HB-HPI logo decals and banners for the ultimate look! #106672 HPI RACING LOGO DECAL #106886 HPI RACING LOGO L DECAL #106927 HB/HPI LOGO DECAL #106928 HB/HPI LOGO L DECAL #107103 HB HPI TEAM DECAL Get a few banners for your tracks and workspaces! #106763 HPI RACING BANNER 2011 (LARGE/3'x6') #106764 HPI RACING BANNER 2011 (SMALL/1.5'x3') #106990 HPI Racing Banner (119cm x 84cm) Paper (for indoor tracks) #106968 HB HPI RACING BANNER 2011 (LARGE/3'x6') #106969 HB HPI RACING BANNER 2011 (SMALL/1.5'x3') Don't forget to stock up on pens! #107185 HPI PEN

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