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FORMULA TEN/Ball diff for more precision/Use w/ FT02 wheels&foam tires


HPI Formula Ten car owners using foam tyres can now modify their cars with this Ball Differential Set that allows quick and easy tuning of the differential to track conditions for optimal handling. The set contains an aluminium axle and two lightweight aluminum hubs that are anodized in bright orange, D ring washers, ball bearings, diff grease, a 95T spur gear, and legendary tungsten carbide diff balls for the ultimate in durability and precision.

The smooth and efficient diff action gives extra traction for lower lap times. This set requires the use of HPI wheels for foam tyres (#102915 Front and #103015 Rear). See all the Formula Ten options designed specifically for foam tyres! #102915 FT02 WHEEL SET (FOR FOAM, BLACK, FRONT 2pcs) #103015 FT02 WHEEL SET (FOR FOAM, BLACK, REAR 2pcs) #102917 BALL DIFF SET FOR FOAM WHEELS (95 TOOTH, 64 PITCH) #103023 ALUMINUM STEERING KNUCKLE SET (FOAM TIRE, ORANGE)

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