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Trick Out Your Baja so it's Ready for Summer!

Fri, 3rd May 2013

Get your Baja 5B, 5SC or 5B Flux ready for summer running with our range of fantastic official HPI option parts! Lay the power down with the Power Control Slipper Clutch, get a grip on sandy ground with a set of Sand Paddle tires and light up the night with a pair of...

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Hara and D812 win BittyDesign ASIA Contest

Wed, 1st May 2013

Atsushi Hara was crowned champion of the BittyDesign ASIA Contest, a massive international buggy race at the world-famous Pattaya race track![section2] The 45-minute Final saw a couple of top contenders fall to the side through breakages, and in the second half of the race...

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HPI Europe at the Gadget Show Live 2013!

Fri, 5th April 2013

This week HPI Europe have once again teamed up with Wheelspin Models to display and sell our products at The Gadget Show Live - THE annual extravaganza of all things techie, gadgety and cool! We also have a demonstration track, fitted with jumps and a fun racing course so...

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Hara TQ's and Wins the 2013 TITC!

Wed, 27th February 2013

Team HB x HPI RACING's Atsushi Hara wins the 2013 TITC Race In Thailand! Hara was also the fastest qualifier for the event. Team HB-HPI Racing's Andy Moore and EC Kim also featured in the A-Main Event. Hara and the entire HB-HPI Racing team were driving the HB TCXX at the...

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