HB HPI Racing's JJ Wang top 10 results at the Nationals!

Mon, 4th August 2014


Congratulations to HB HPI Racing's JJ Wang for qualifying on the 2nd spot at the 2014 ROAR Paved On-Road Nationals at Full Throttle RC Raceway in Kissimmee, Florida. After an exciting battle in the Triple A-Main events, JJ took home a hard earned 6th place finish amongst the World's best on-road drivers!

JJ took home the fine result with the latest HB HPI Racing TCXX 1/10th Scale Competition Touring Car.
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Photo and information courtesy of: RedRC.net

Race report by HB HPI Racing Factory Team Driver JJ Wang:

Hi team,

My dad and I along with Hara-tune arrived at the track on Wednesday. Since most racers already arrived, the organizers decided to run timed free practice. The temperature throughout the week was extremely hot and the track temp was also extremely high. The track layout this time was not that hard but because of the hot conditions it was hard to find the right setup. We seemed to be going the right direction and was on pace early. We played around with the speed control settings a lot because it was very important that we find a suitable setup for the hot conditions.

Day 2 was planned to be free practice in the morning and 2 rounds of seeding control practice in the afternoon. However because of the lack of track time the organizers decided to run only 1 seeding practice in the morning and leave the rest of the day as free practice. With the temperature of the track getting higher each day, the traction seemed to be less. Tire prep was important and again the speed control setup was also super important because ROAR runs 6 minute races not 5. Over heating and inconsistent feel of the breaks throughout the run was a problem for many of the drivers. We were not the fastest car on the straight but we managed to find a very safe setup. Adding more drag break made the car much easier to drive. After many testing with the Team Power tires, we learned that new tires only had an advantage in the early stages of the race. Nonethess, after practice we were pretty comfortable with the car.

Anyway, qualify was 2/4 points system. We were given 3 sets of new tires for 4 rounds of qualify. The first round went pretty well but Hartman was right there behind me. The second round went to Hartman with my car being difficult to drive in the opening laps thus losing a lot of time. The top 4 guys were all on different tire strategies and after 4 rounds of qualify Rick H. took the TQ spot. I would start 2nd on the grid for the triple A-Mains.

In the first main everyone was on new tires so the pace was very similar. I got a good start and was trying to make a pass. Meanwhile, Paul Lemieux caught up and joined our fight. Unfortunately we got caught up and I got the worse out of it. Officials gave me an unnecessary stop and go penalty and I ended up 4th. In the second main I was again on new tires with Rick on old tires. This time at the start Hartman got into me in the first corner and body tucked me. I tried my best and caught up to the leaders. I was behind Rick again and was in the fight until a car stop in front of me on the straight and thus ending my race. We did not get to run the third main because the rain showed up, the race was eventually canceled. The final result was determined by adding the results of both finals. My final standing was 6th place. I know it's not the best result but I am extremely happy because we found a good setup in the end and we looked strong out there. We can take many positive things out of this week and I am looking forward to the worlds!

I have to say, I had a lot of fun this time and it was really great to see everyone again. Thanks again Hara-tune and my dad for all the help and support throughout the week!!

Best regards,



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