Baja Challenge Race Report from Greece!

Thu, 31st July 2008

A race report from our Greek distributor highlights the fun the drivers had and the extreme toughness of the Baja! The Greek Baja Challenge race took place on the 27th of July at the big Fanatix Racing Track. There were 5 racing teams, each with 4-6 drivers per team, and the race was 3 hours, from 17:00 to 20:00, letting the race finish as the sun was setting.

One of the fun things at the race was the Le Mans starting procedure, so the drivers starting the race had to run to the cars, start them and then get on the driver stand! There was a lot of competition during the race and everyone had a great time showing off over huge jumps that even rallycross buggies and truggies couldn't handle. The Baja cars really proved to be extra tough, far tougher than we ever thought! They were really unbelievably good. After a great race the winners were 'The Trimmers' with three drivers (Morakis, Michailides, Sidiropoulos). They earned the privilege to visit and race at the final Baja race in Spain. The second-place team was 'Evolution' with Agrafiotis, Konstadopoulos and lots of mechanics :) and third-place team 'The Conn-X' with Louis and Tasos. Check out a video from the race here! Thank you very much to and for the photos!

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