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#ED110050 - 3 in 1 (Tx, Rx & Glow Igniter) Charger for Nitro Cars (EU 2Pin)

EU 2 Pin 220v AC


Charge all 3 of your essentials all in one go with this handy overnight wall charger for EU 2-pin sockets. LED Indicators show connected components: Transmitter, Receiver pack and Glow Igniter. Supplied with two charging jacks for different transmitters. Suitable for: JR, KO, Futaba, Sanwa and many more transmitters. (This Charger does NOT charge LiPo transmitter packs.)

Specification: Input: 220v 50Hz (2Pin) Output: Tx: 80mA (11.2v) Rx: 80mA (5.6v) Glow Igniter: 180mA (1.4v)

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