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#947 - SUBARU IMPREZA WRC 2006 (#14) JAPAN

1/43 Druckguss-Modell


HPI's second group of hyper-detailed 1/43 scale diecast model cars features WRC Subaru Imprezas, the Le Mans-winning Mazda 787B and other cars in accurate racing livery and 'street tuner' colours for discerning model car collectors! Our first series featured models based on the 2005 Subaru Impreza, this year we are introducing a line based on the new 2006 Subaru Impreza. Models represented in our 2006 Impreza line include the HPI Racing and Fujitsubo entries campaigned in the Super Taiku series in Japan, two in Team Subaru Rally livery, and three street tuner versions in white, blue, and dark grey.

To go along with the race themed Diecast HPI introduced last year is a new model based on the history making and Le Mans-winning Mazda 787B. The Mazda 787B comes in 3 color variations. The first faithfully recreates the Renown livery of the first Japanese Le Mans entry to ever win the historic race along with two other color variations in stealth black and sleek silver. Remember: all of these fantastic recreations are made in limited quantities, once gone they will never be available again. These precision diecast metal models are 1/43 scale, a convenient size for any desk or display case. Incredible attention has been paid to make the shape of cars as true to scale as possible. Fine exterior details like radiators, disc brakes, brake calipers, mirrors, wings, exhaust, headlight buckets, mirrors, tow hooks, radio antennae and sponsor logos combine to make the models extremely realistic. Each car has a fully painted and detailed interior, complete with a roll cage, racing seat, fire extinguisher, steering wheel, dashboard and even defroster lines in the rear window. These models come mounted to a display platform that includes a clear plastic protective case, and the car can be easily removed from the platform for individual display. See these other amazing HPI diecast model cars! #945 SUBARU IMPREZA WRC 2006 (PLAIN COLOR MODEL: WHITE) #946 SUBARU IMPREZA WRC 2006 JAPAN #947 SUBARU IMPREZA WRC 2006 (Arai#) JAPAN #948 FUJITSUBO hpi IMPREZA 2006 (#2) #949 FUJITSUBO hpi IMPREZA 2006 (PLAIN COLOR MODEL: BLUE) #997 Efini MAZDA 787B_'91 SWC Auto Police (#18) #998 MAZDA 787B (PLAIN COLOR MODEL: DARK SILVER) #999 FUJITSUBO hpi IMPREZA 2006 (PLAIN COLOR MODEL: DARK SILVER) Look out for more car models as HPI expands its list of 1/43 diecast model car offerings!

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