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#92005 - HPI and HB Catalogue 2013



HPI Catalogue 2006 is jam packed with all the latest information on all the new HPI kits, option parts and much, much more. That's not all the catalogue also has informative information on all the various types of RC Cars, their maintenance and driving them to their best capabilities.

As always the catalogue is structured in a very easy format with all the cars and their option parts in sections, for clear understanding of each kit. The catalogue is ideal for anyone who wants to get into RC Cars for the first time or for more experienced RC Drivers who want all the latest news on all HPI option parts to pimp-up their car to the best. Available in different languages: #92003 - English #92004 - German #92005 - French #92021 - Italian #92023 - Spanish #92024 - Hungarian You can also download the HPI Catalogue as a PDF File: HPI Catalogue 2006

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