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The Red ATV Rider is an optional rider figure that can be fitted to the #856 Kawasaki KFX 700 Monster ATV version of the Savage or the #505 RTR E-Savage with ATV bodyshell as a direct fit. Extra strength and flexibility have been added to the rider material, making it durable enough to handle extreme R/C driving...with no broken bones! Everyone that sees the ATV rider moving around while driving is instantly drawn to it, commenting on the scale realism. Drivers will find that the rider adds excitement over jumps and stunt driving, a definite boost to the "fun factor" of R/C driving!!

The rider will fit directly onto both clear and pre-painted Kawasaki KFX 700 bodyshells for the #856 Savage ATV: #7164 ATV-1 CLEAR BODY #7195 KAWASAKI KFX 700 MONSTER ATV BODY (CLEAR) #7763 KAWASAKI KFX 700 MONSTER ATV BODY (PAINTED) Also available is the #85232 handle bar set, which is included with both #7195 and #7763 bodyshells.

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