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Now you can get our championship winning tires in a whole new tread pattern, opening up a broad spectrum of previously uncrawlable rocks for you to conquer. If you're not crawling with HB tires, you're just spinning your wheels! The Rover-Ex tyres are only available in our softest PINK compound, and the mould has been updated to increase the strength of the lugs and maintain the shape of the tyre over rough ground and sharp edges.

Extensively tested in real competition by the HPI/HB crawler team, rock crawling fanatics have been raving about the Rovers since they first saw them in action. Now that they have had the chance to try them on their own rigs, the word has been spreading and the verdict is: TREMENDOUS! The more these tires are run, the better they perform on all types of rock: granite, sandstone, and more. Even in wet conditions they will excel - just give them a try! The inner foam requires no cutting or trimming of any kind. Put two or three air holes in the wheels or tires to allow the tire to flex properly. Sold in pairs. Inner foams are included. Also available: #67772 HB ROVER TYRE (WHITE/ROCK CRAWLER) HB COMPETITION ROCK CRAWLER TYRE #67780 HB ROVER TYRE (BLUE/ROCK CRAWLER) HB COMPETITION ROCK CRAWLER TYRE And in 1.9 scale size! #67913 HB ROVER 1.9 TIRE (Red/Rock Crawler/2pcs)

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