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Use these Offset Body Mounts to change the body position off your touring car shell without having to re-drill the mounting holes.

By moving the body forwards or backwards relative to your touring car chassis, you will change the handling characteristics of your car by moving the position that the downward force is exerted onto the chassis. For example. Moving the body forwards will mean more force is exerted onto the front wheels which gives you more steering, moving the shell backwards will mean less force is exerted onto the front wheels which makes the car more stable.

Please Note: depending on the body design and how closely you have cut the wheel arches to the wheels, additional trimming of the wheel arch may be required when using these offset body mounts to alter the body position off your touring car shell.

These Offset Body Mounts are also a great solution if you have accidentally drilled a body post hole in the wrong position, they will give you that extra few mm movement so that the body post still fits through the off centre hole.

Includes 2 x 2mm Offset and 2 x 4mm Offset mounts.

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