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Outfit yourself with a set of low friction aluminium threaded shocks for maximum performance!

New design features include bleed screws in the top shock caps for simple oil bleeding, plus a special low-friction coating for the shock bodies to make the damping action smoother and more reliable. O-ring seals and threaded upper and lower shock caps make sure everything stays clean and secure, and the long shock shafts are made from tough stainless steel for reliability and longevity. Spare for the #61700 Cyclone D4 World Championship Edition 4WD buggy, option for the #61410 Cyclone D4 standard edition. #61585 Low Friction Aluminium Threaded Shock (56-76mm/2pcs/Front) #61586 Low Friction Aluminium Threaded Shock (64-91mm/2pcs/Rear)

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